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“We thought we were hiring a DJ and with Paul we rely ended up getting a wedding planner! He walked us through planning every step of our wedding ceremony and reception! He blew us away with his attention to detail and the way that he listened to what we wanted and made it happen! I highly recommend Paul and lightning sound."
Sarah J - Bride

"Hello Paul and Debbie. Thank you so much for your services. We had a great time. We'll definetly make sure to write reviews"
Jonathan and Breena - Bride and Groom

"EVERYTHING WAS LOVELY! Uplighting was and should be a must. It made the room feel perfect. Sound was done inside and outside and sounded great. The photo booth was a great idea and needs to be at any event or group gathering.”  
John and Danial Groom-Groom

Paul did an excellent job of getting everyone involved!  I liked how involved he was.  After talking with my parents and husband we decided it was one of the best investments of the wedding!”  
Tamra Wildman - Bride

“We were so impressed with the DJ that after Paul did the wedding for my eldest daughter we booked him for my other daughter’s wedding and for my husband’s 40th surprise party!”
Sharon Chamberlin - Mother of Bride

“The DJ made the reception!  Day receptions are hard to do, keeping the guests from leaving early, but Paul did a great job and everyone had a great time.”
Marianne Ramsey - Bride

“Your coordinator was great and very knowledgeable.  She was a big help when I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.  Paul was great also!”
Jennifer Bonds - Bride

“Lightning Sound and Paul did an excellent job.  It was evident that everyone was having a great time! They danced until the end”.
Rick Guerra - Father of Bride

“Paul did an excellent job of coordinating with our photographer and keeping a good party mix of music going.  Thanks!!”
Martha Howard - Mother of Bride

“Paul was very polite and helpful!  All of my friends had so much fun!  He did a Great Job!”
Amanda Pyburn - Bride

“I would hire Paul to do another party for us any time.  Paul saw to our every request and communicated well with the groom Thank you.”
Janet Johnson - Bride

“Paul kept everything moving smoothly!  We didn't have to worry about anything.  I was able to relax and really enjoy my daughter's wedding.”
Paula Dillon - Mother of Bride

 “Paul did a superb job!  I was in no condition to tell him what to do and he took over and handled everything perfectly!   Paul played such danceable music!”
Doris Lindblom - Bride

“The DJ was excellent!  I have received so many compliments about our him.  Paul helped guide me through the events that we were unsure of as to what to do.  We appreciate everything that you did to make our reception a success!  I will definitely refer your service.  Thank you for everything and for keeping us at ease during the reception.”
Mona Clay - Bride

“We received many compliments from our guests about the DJ.  Paul was great.  We had a great time!”
Emily Watson - Bride

"Paul really did a good job motivating the crowd!  Everyone had a great time!”
Kim Porter – Bride

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with all of you and we recommend you highly to anyone.”
Jane Warren - Babayega Restaurant

“I have been to many weddings and I have never had a DJ do such a great job.  I will not hesitate to use Lightning Sound again.”one that he did.”
Courtney McCurley - Bride

“The DJ was wonderful.  I don’t think that Paul could have done a better job than the one that he did.”
Lara Kuhleman - Bride

“The DJ was fantastic!  Paul read the crowd perfectly and kept them thoroughly entertained!”
Ashley Palmer - Bride

“DJ was real personable and friendly.  Great to work with!  Really willing to work with us with any kind of music.  Helped the reception go smoothly.  Liked very much that Paul does all the group dances!”
Anna Metherd - Bride

“Paul did a great job.  I have already recommended him to two of my friends getting married this year!”
Kathy Smith - Bride

“Paul had a great attitude and was real good at his job.  You couldn’t have sent a better DJ.” Suzanne Henneke - Bride

“The DJ was very knowledgeable and easy to work with!”
Diana Shelton – Bride

“We feel you guys were terrific!”
Ursula Stephens - Mother of Bride

“Paul was the greatest.  He really knows how to work the crowd.  We will use Lightning Sound again.”
Ginny Melancon - Mother of Bride


“Very helpful during the planning of my wedding.  The music played was great.  Paul kept the sound down until the appropriate time.”
Melissa Glass - Bride

“I know that when Lightning Sound does a wedding that I am in charge of, I don’t have to worry about a thing.  They always arrive on time and every detail is taken care of.”
Kristina Campbell - Chain of Lakes Resort

“I enjoyed working with the DJ.  Paul did a good job taking care of the guests and keeping even a day wedding going!”
Vena Carlisle - Walden Yacht Club

“Lightning Sound does a wonderful job.  They always provide whatever the client requests.”
Kim Torres - Woodlands Conference Center

“Everything was perfect.  The coordinator was the best.  Paul was great in meeting our every need even the unexpected."
Kristina Lee - Bride

“You are very professional from start to finish.  We were very demanding and Paul did a great job with a smile.”
Chuck Nelson - Groom

“Excellent!  I called on short notice and was able to get everything I needed.  I would request them again”.
Kathy Metz - Bride

“Even though I booked the DJ the day before my party everything went smoothly from the DJ arriving on time to having a good variety of music for everyone.  I was happy with the Paul.”
Monica Cossio - Bride

“Several of our guests commented that the DJ was excellent and that they had lots of fun with the music that Paul played.”
Irma Perez - Bride

“Paul really kept the reception rolling!  It was lots of fun!”
Kelly Black - Bride

“Paul was very helpful throughout the event and the guests loved the music!  It was a nice added touch when he went onto the dance floor to teach the guests the dance moves.  That was neat!!”
Lisa Bennett - Bride

“Paul did an outstanding job and I wanted to thank them for making the event very special for my daughter and her friends.”
Allistair B. Dawson - Father of Bride

“The DJ played a really good mix that got everyone dancing.”
Melissa Hasseloff  - Coordinator Company Christmas Party

“The DJ did a great job.  Everyone danced and had a great time all night long.”
Deana Thompson - Bride

“Paul did a great job.  He made the reception a memorable time.  Thank you.”
Christie McCuan - Bride

“The DJ did an outstanding job.  Everyone enjoyed themselves.”
Judy Burton - Coordinator Company Christmas Party

“Paul was wonderful.  I loved the way that you kept the crowd going.  He was Very Professional.  I had so many compliments on your performance.  Thank you.”
Tracy Pieprzyea - Bride

"Paul interacted well with the crowd and played a nice variety of music.  He was also very courteous."
Katherine Chittenden - Coordinator Employee Party

“The DJ was very good and patient!  Paul was understanding and did what was requested without questions.”
Heather Underwood - Bride

“Thanks for Everything!!”
Judi Martin - Bride

“The DJ was great and Paul handled himself well with the mixed aged crowd.”
Wanda Fontenot - Coordinator Church Christmas Party

“Paul was very friendly and ready to go on time.” Irene Nigaglioni - Coordinator Company Christmas Party

“The DJ did a terrific job!  We were very pleased!  Paul also helped out afterwards to clean up.”
Shannon Wright - Bride

“The overall conduct of Paul was excellent.  The DJ was professional.”
Florence Swaminathan - Mother of Groom

"Paul was great. He was extremely personable.  We really enjoyed your services.” Chelsea Hasara - Bride

“Paul did a Great Job!!”
 Layne Thompson  - Adult Halloween Party

“Paul was the greatest.  He really knows how to work the crowd.  We will use Lightning Sound again.”
Ginny Melancon - Mother of Bride

“Both Paul and the Coordinator were extremely helpful.  Please don’t hesitate to use me as a reference.”
Robert St. John - Groom

“Both Paul and the Coordinator were extremely helpful.  Please don’t hesitate to use me as a reference.”
Robert St. John - Groom

“Paul did a FANTASTIC job!!  He did everything to our liking and was very thorough in checking with us about what we wanted.  Paul did everything we asked just perfectly.  We were very pleased!!”
Michael McDuffie - Groom

Paul did a good job.”
Sheri McGown - Coordinator New Years Eve Party

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